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Steve receiving Nursing Standard Award 2006 from Edwina Currie

After several years of development, the Serenity Programme ('Outreach-online') was launched on 4th July 2010 - some six years and four major design revisions from first concept.

During the development process a number of friends and colleagues have provided me with a great deal of support and encouragement. I owe them a debt of gratitude and I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to them. I suspect they haven't always known how much their support has meant to me ...

My gratitude goes to the following people, mentioned here in no particular order:

Dr. David Menkes, Professor of Psychiatry, for his faith, inspiration and enthusiastic support for my early ideas.

Dr. Rob Poole, Professor of Psychiatry, for his support and incisive questioning around the Serenity Programme research, which has immeasurably richened the data available on the programme.

Robin Holden, Mental Health Service Manager (retired) and Mind Executive, for his unstinting support, inspiration, planning skills and for his tough-minded determination in the face of challenges and disappointments.

Amy Bennison, Eddie Owen and Finola Stephenson, Aberconwy Mind for their support and determination to help make Serenity the best CCBT programme available!

Claire Williams and Clive Wolfendale at Parabl for their dedication, support, energy, enthusiasm and foresight.

Tim James, DNA Global for expert marketing, strategic planning advice, inspirational coaching and development work.

Phil Chick, National Leadership and Innovation Agency, for supporting the programme in strategic and political arenas.

Maria Gallagher for her integrity, her compassionate support, and for helping me make the connections necessary to take the programme further.

Gary Slegg, Research Fellow, for his encouragement, unstinting support, tenacity and for his determination to design and follow-through the research agenda.

Lona Tudor-Jones, Research Facilitator, for her support and work behind-the-scenes, without whose input the research programme would never have been realised.

Dr. David Crossley, Consultant Psychotherapist, whose unstinting support and whose balanced and insightful comments have always meant a great deal to me.

Sean Clarke, Operational Manager, whose clear mind, foresight and compassionate leadership have been an inspiration.

Gillian Hunt, Independent Consultant, for her enthusiasm, awesome networking skills and her positive and inspirational take on life!

Karen Jowitt, Mental Health Trainer and Coach, for her constructive and intelligent critique around the design and usability of the programme.

Dr. Seren Roberts, Researcher, for her optimism, vision and for instilling in me a sense of hope and determination.

Hilary Nicholas, from 'Want2Work' for her ability to 'think outside the box' and willingness to innovate.

Dr. Louise Messenger, Occupational Psychologist, for her insightful comments, thoughtfulness, dedication and flexibility to work with the 'not yet known'.

Barry Dalton, Dr. Stuart Paynter and my friends and colleagues in Nant-y-Glyn, especially Karen Williams, Bob Neale, Dawn Kennedy, Nia Williams, Wendy Williams, Medwyn Williams, Cath Jones, Sali Burns, Glenys Jones and Paul and Deb Diprose, whose conversations and insights have helped shape my thinking and the programme design more than they probably realise!

Also a big 'thank you' to the many users of the programme who have provided thoughtful feedback over several years; their generosity has helped make the programme more effective and easier to use for those using the programme after them.

I'd also like to thank anyone else whose supported me along the way with words or deeds of optimism and support, and last but not least - my family, for their loyalty and support during the many hours of early morning, late night and weekend work - an enormous 'thank you' to my wife Julie and our three children. It, quite literally, would not have been possible without you!


Steve Cottrell and colleagues meeting Gordon Brown in 2010

Steve Cottrell and colleagues meet Dr. Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister 2007 to 2010) & Health Minister Ann Keen at a reception at 10 Downing Street, organised by the Royal College of Nursing (22nd May 2008).

Steve Cottrell receives Bevan Institute Prize in 2015

Steve Cottrell receives the prestigious Bevan Institute Prize for Health and Wellbeing at Portcullis House in 2015 (30th May 2015).

The Serenity Programme was supported initially by a financial award from Wales Mental Health in Primary Care (WaMH in PC) in 2003.

The programme won an award from Welsh Innovations in Healthcare (WiSH) in July of 2006, second prize in the British Journal of Nursing Clinical Practice Awards in 2006, a commendation in the Royal College of Nursing awards 2008 and joint first prize for 'Best Mental Health Nursing Project in Wales' at the Annual Welsh Mental Health Nursing Awards in 2010. The programme has been named as a 2012 'Lightbulb Innovation' by the Royal College of Nursing and won first prize in the prestigious Bevan Prize for Health and Wellbeing in 2015. Recently (February 2016) we have been honoured to be included in Roy Lilley's list of Fab NHS Stuff.

As the programme is entirely funded by myself, the financial elements of these awards have been very important to the development of the Serenity Programme, without which it may never have become available - also without the profile afforded by these award schemes, fewer people would have benefitted from the programme. I offer a heartfelt 'thank you' to all those who have supported the programme, both informally and through the organisation of the above award schemes. Thank you!

Steve Cottrell

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