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The Parabl talking therapy service provides short-term therapeutic interventions for people facing common mental health difficulties or challenging life events. Services are available across North Wales, UK.

The following documents are for people helping others use the Serenity Programme as part of their recovery with Parabl.

Parabl CCBT agreement (330k PDF). Outlines some of the main features of the Parabl / CCBT approach. Helpers provide a copy for the participant during their introduction to the Programme. (Updated 16th July 2013)

Parabl introductory interview (420k PDF) A brief checklist to be completed by the helper, this helps ensure relevant items are discussed during the participants introduction to the Programme. (Updated 15th July 2013)

Parabl programme outline (340k PDF). This brief overview provides an introduction to the contents and scope of the Serenity Programme. Used by helpers when the participant is introduced to the Programme. (Updated 16th July 2013)

Parabl FAQ (330k PDF). Answers some frequently asked questions about the Serenity Programme and the Parabl approach. Helpers, please read this before introducing anyone to the Programme! (Updated 15th July 2013)

Parabl technical support (390k PDF). Addresses some of the technical questions participants may have. Read this if things don't work as expected! Those unfamiliar with computers may need a little extra help. (Updated 16th July 2013)

Generic - decision support (870k PDF). Outlines referral and acceptance criteria. Provides information for deciding who's most suitable for the Programme, this document is not specific to Parabl services. (Updated 6th August 2013)

Generic - delivery guidelines (550k PDF). Provides step-by-step guidelines for each telephone contact. Helps structure telephone sessions, this document is not specific to Parabl services. (Updated 15th July 2013)

Drafted by Amy Bennison and Steve Cottrell with Parabl in mind, these documents can still be used by helpers from other organisations. Items marked 'generic' are not specific to Parabl, they are included here for reasons of convenience.

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