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Health professionals

A selection of free, downloadable health tests and resources, intended primarily for professional use. The assessments here are not intended for self diagnosis - please consult with a professional if you have any concerns about your health.

Most assessments on this page are optimised for screen use. The majority are 'interactive PDF files' i.e. they will automatically score your results. Adobe Reader XI or better is recommended, other PDF readers may not work correctly. Some files are designated 'print versions' - these are designed for paper and pencil.

Scoring guides are available lower down the page. Please note - these assessments only work properly when downloaded to your computer and opened in Adobe Reader - they will not work correctly if opened in your browser!

Anxiety disorder assessments

Depression assessments

Patient Health Questionnaires (not interactive)

  • PHQ Comprehensive screening assessment (30k PDF)
  • PHQ [Brief] (100k PDF)
  • PHQ-2 (40k PDF)
  • PHQ-4 Anxiety and depression screening (32k PDF)
  • PHQ-9 Depression screening (40k PDF)
  • PHQ-15 Somatisation questionnaire (18k PDF)
  • PHQ-A Depression assessment for adolescents (28k PDF)
  • PHQ-SADS Somatisation, anxiety, panic and depression (27k PDF)

Various assessments

Scoring guides


Please note: We have provided the above measures primarily for the convenience of practitioners in the IAPT programme.

Only a qualified health professional can make a diagnosis and will only do so after taking into account a wide range of factors.

A high score on the above assessments does not necessarily suggest the presence of a clinical condition such as depression or anxiety.

However, if you are concerned in any way about your results, please consult with a qualified health professional straight away.

If any measures are not attributed correctly, please notify the webmaster and they will be removed or amended immediately.


The DASS website provides additional downloads and scoring guides for the DASS-21 and DASS-42.

The CORE IMS website provides additional information and languages for the CORE measures and the system.

The PHQ 'Screeners' website provides additional information and languages for the 'PHQ Screeners' range of questionnaires.

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