Free CCBT for stress, depression, anxiety, phobias and panic attacks

Self-help, online CBT & free resources for the treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, phobias & panic disorder

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Use the menu to the right to take our free psychological tests, to take part in our new brief self-help programme & view our new information microsite. Registered members can access our self-help CBT workbooks.

Use of this site is free. A password is required to use our full programme (designed to be used with extra support). Passwords are available through our partner organisations, Cwm Taf and North Wales primary care services, and through Parabl in North Wales.

We're proud to say we have helped 256,777 people recover from anxiety disorders since July 4th 2010.

Innovative online CBT workbooks

The Serenity Programme is an innovative treatment for stress, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety (SA) and panic disorder.1

Based on transdiagnostic cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) our online CBT programme contains a range of resources to support your recovery and to help increase your resilience and wellbeing.

Join the Serenity Programme and ...

  •  Discover simple & rapid 'thought exercises' to help stop worrying thoughts!
  •  Learn to relieve stress-related nervous tension, chest pain & breathlessness
  •  Banish awful panic attacks, prevent their return & start living life to the full!
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Developed over a period of several years by Steve Cottrell, the programme is in daily use in the NHS and has won several national health awards.

Read our brochure (750k PDF) to find out more.

How to use this siteView our free self-assessments, our free 110-page self-help programme, our free mental health information or contact us for details of our award-winning in-depth self-help programme.

Benefits of the CCBT Programme

By downloading our interactive workbooks and MP3 files you can choose when you use the programme - to fit in with your daily routine. There's no pressure to complete the programme, you can use it as and when you have the time and energy.

Participants must be over 18, otherwise age is no limit and no computer skills are required - If you're reading this, you can use the programme!

Reliable, safe and effective

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Our programme has been the subject of several research studies during its development to help ensure it's reliable, safe and effective.2

Developed using the best available evidence, the Serenity Programme on-line CBT course is written in plain language and is simple and easy to follow.

People who have suffered from anxiety and depression have helped design the programme to make sure it's easy to use, relevant & accessible.

Our programme can help you make meaningful, permanent changes and remain healthy and symptom-free.3

Free AssessmentsAre you stressed? Depressed? Anxious? Find out more with our free online assessments - they're quick, easy and accurate (they're used in England's IAPT programme).4